Fog Creek

You Can Kanban

You already have the Iteration Planner to help you plan your milestones in FogBugz Agile and Dev Hub. But what if you want to keep track of what’s going on within the milestone? We’re pleased to announce the addition of Kanban to the Iteration Planner. This adds a new button to the planner screen that lets you drill down into your milestone.

The Kanban view helps you to keep your development work flowing, by providing visibility into upcoming tasks across your team. It supports how your team really works by allowing you to customize it to your workflow, while letting you see where work is getting held up and reassign tasks with drag and drop. Learn more about the specifics of Kanban in FogBugz.

Agile Planning with Kanban

If you click the icon (you know you want to), you’ll be taken to the new Kanban board. The new board is milestone-centric – it will show only cases in this milestone (and the currently selected project, if the milestone is global). The first time you use the Kanban board, you will see a Planned Cases column that contains the cases you have put in this milestone, and columns called Doing and Done. The Planned Cases column is special, and always shows the cases in the milestone that do not have a Kanban column assigned. The other columns act like you’re used to from the planner. You can group columns and drag cases between columns and groups.


Custom Kanban

If this isn’t how you like to Kanban, don’t worry. As always, FogBugz lets you do things your way – you can close Doing and Done, and add whatever columns you like to the board. They’re remembered per-project, so the next milestone you create in this project will automatically get the columns you have chosen. Maybe you like to add cases to the board manually? You can collapse Planned Cases and use the add buttons on each column if that’s how you roll.

Kanban on the List Page


The Kanban column is also a first-class citizen of FogBugz. You can view and edit its value on the case page, and use it on the list page like any other column. Search with the “kanban:” search axis and sort on the column to slice and dice cases to your heart’s content.

We’re excited about the new board, and would love to hear your feedback. We are rolling this feature out gradually over the next week, so if you do not see the new board on your FogBugz On Demand account, you should soon!

For more information, take a look at the documentation on our help site.