Fog Creek

Software Development Essentials

This video series takes you through some key parts of creating great software. Covering everything from specs to code reviews and beta testing, these six short videos provide some helpful tips on how to create software that customers love and is delivered on time.

1. Specifications

Learn why writing a spec is so important to understanding what you need to do and in staying on track.

3. Code Reviews

This video covers the key aspects of code reviews, as well as the benefits and types of code reviews.

4. Beta Testing

Hear about different types of beta tests, the recommended number of tests as well as how to get more feedback and run a successful beta test.

5. Usability Testing

This video covers when and how often to run usability tests, common misconceptions and what feedback to focus on and ignore.

6. Dogfooding

Learn why you should eat your own dogfood and dogfooding tips.