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Switching from For Your Server to FogBugz Ocelot Meant No More Maintaining for Ilium Software

Michigan-based Ilium Software have been designing and creating information management tools for mobile devices since 1997. They’re a long-time Fog Creek Software customer, having been using FogBugz since version 3, and Kiln since it was first released. We spoke to Ken Morse, Managing Partner at Ilium Software, about their experience of switching from For Your Server to On Demand and FogBugz Ocelot.


Using for Your Server

“We’ve been using FogBugz as a helpdesk as well, but started out just tracking bugs and enhancements and we used a separate system just for customer-facing stuff, but it was a pain”. With FogBugz, it has been “really handy to have project cases and customer issues all in one place.”

However, whilst “overall, we were pretty happy with our experience of the self-hosted version. In the back of mind, I kept thinking ‘why are we maintaining this thing, it’s just crazy’… if something happens, that’s the big thing, it’s us that has to sort it out”. Not only that, but Ken says “maybe your server is paid for, but at some point it’s going to need an upgrade. A hard disk goes bad, there’s time there, downtime, there’s a lot of cost to doing it yourself”. So they looked around for alternatives, “but our experience with Fog Creek over the years was so positive… it made the decision [to move to FogBugz Ocelot] pretty easy”.

Moving to FogBugz Ocelot

So they made the switch from for Your Server to FogBugz Ocelot. “When we decided to make the move, we got a knowledge base, checklists, things to walk-through, it was very helpful. It went smoothly”. And it “got us out of the business of having to maintain FogBugz, which is not part of our core business. I have not been sorry for a second… it just performs great.” “We had FogBugz on some pretty decent hardware so it ran great for our little company, but we even gained a little bit performance-wise moving to On Demand”. It’s also “made access smoother for everyone… sometimes we have contractors come in, and we had to add them to the Firewall and the VPN. On Demand makes that so much simpler.”

“Soup to nuts, it’s a great product, it’s extremely easy to use… I’m really, really happy with it”. “If you have questions or need help, between the knowledge base and contacting Fog Creek, I just feel like you’re fully covered.”