Fog Creek

Source-Control-Like Comments for Timesheet Intervals in FogBugz

As a support engineer here at Fog Creek, I get to play around pretending to be a programmer sometimes, mostly to help customers with Plugin and XML API codez. I recently collaborated with an intrepid FogBugz user to create this plugin which allows you to put a comment on each time interval. It adds a [comment] link in the timesheet editor:

timesheet editor

When you click it, you can enter a comment in a new dialog:

comment dialog

which then shows up in in the editor:

timesheet editor with new comment

The plugin uses some javascript hackery to modify the timesheet editor since there is no plugin interface to implement to change its functionality. As such, it works with FogBugz 8.7 and is not tested and approved for FogBugz On Demand. You can download the plugin to run on your own local FogBugz server, and get the source code from our public Developers repository on Kiln.