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Self-Registration is Now Available in FogBugz On Demand

Weary FogBugz Admins can today rejoice – self-registration is here to save you from the tedium of adding new users!

You now have the option to enable self-registration in FogBugz. This adds the ability for new users with an email address at your organization’s domain to add themselves to your FogBugz instance, without you first having to create the account for them.


Register with Just a Link

Once enabled, those arriving on your FogBugz login page will see an option to register themselves. You could share this link to self-register via email, chat, or include it in your onboarding documentation. Never again shall an eager new-joiner need to darken your doorway just to get into FogBugz.


That’s another source of interruptions gone from your day – You’re welcome!

Enable it in your account now (from Gear menu > Users), or read more detail about how it works.