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Personal Activity Feeds: or the “What did I get done yesterday again?” page

It seems like pretty much every web-app these days has added a page to show you what you’ve been doing lately. These types of pages are useful for a number of reasons. You can review what you’ve done and what others have been doing that involves you in a nice, compact story. Since the most-recent events are at the top of the feed, you can quickly find the relevant information you’re looking for, even if you don’t quite know how to search for it. You can also skim through other users’ feeds to get a quick impression of what they’ve been up to and how you might coordinate with them.

As a project management and issue tracking tool, FogBugz is quite different from “social network” type apps, but these activity feeds have become so prevalent that we want and expect a similarly useful page whenever we see a clickable username on the web.  In the past, whenever you clicked on your co-worker’s name within FogBugz you got a page that showed you their email address, current working schedule, and the projects they spend their time on. While certainly useful to know, this information is generally pretty static, and not all that useful day-to-day after the first time you’ve seen it.

Introducing: FogBugz Personal Activity Feeds

Welcome to the FogBugz personal activity feed.  You now have that place you can point your boss to and say “Of course you should give me a raise… just look at all the stuff I’ve been doing!”  Or when you come back from that long vacation, instead of trying to come up with a complex axis query/search/incantation to figure out what everyone has been up to (or worse, asking them to take time out of their day to catch you up in-person), you can just click on their name in that case they sent you and see how they’re way too busy to get to it themselves.

My Activity

When you’re trying to reflect or summarize all the cases you’ve opened, resolved, or at all been involved with this week, there’s now a shiny new page that organizes all that information for you. To view your own activity feed, just click the new “My Activity” link in the drop down menu under your account avatar:
Activity Menu

When you do, you’ll notice two tabs on the left to switch between your personal activity feed and your (also shiny and new) notifications page.

Activity Feed and Working Schedule

The new activity feed page still has the user’s email address for easy access, as well as convenient links to all the cases currently assigned to that user, and even a link to the old user info page (now more accurately labeled as their ‘Working Schedule’) in case you need any of that information. The activity itself is grouped by day, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  Fear clicking names no more!