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‘Get Into Nature’ HyperDev Developer Challenge Results

We announce the winner of our ‘Get Into Nature’ dev challenge.

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Convenience Coding

What 2-in-1 laundry pods and Gomix have in common.

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From Creek Week To Final Product: A Tale of Two Projects

We run through a couple of example Creek Week projects so you can see how they progress to become a real product.

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Coding Dinosaurs, Newbs, Rockstars, and Those In Between

Here’s why we’re building Glitch as much for new starters, and those with just a little or rusty programming knowledge, as we are for full-time, professional developers.

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From Idea to Product with Creek Weeks

FogBugz, Stack Overflow, Trello and Glitch all have one thing in common: Creek Weeks. Here’s how Creek Weeks help us take ideas to finished products.

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Developer Contest: Get Into Nature Challenge

Two weeks to develop something interesting using HyperDev, that promotes nature and getting out into the outdoors.

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Announcing HyperDev – The Developer Playground for Building Full-stack Web Apps, Fast

Learn about our new product, HyperDev – the developer playground for building full-stack web apps, fast.

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Iteration Planner Improvements

The Iteration Planner just got better! Learn how Card Refresh, New Add Dialog, Header Links, and Filter Columns, will make using the planner easier and more efficient.

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Just Tell Me What’s Important

We’ve made a few changes to serve up the information you use most often automatically – no finely tuned filters or magic incantations required! Read on to learn more.

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Lightboxed Cases in FogBugz Ocelot

We’re at it again! Today, the FogBugz team is releasing Case Lightboxes to all FogBugz On Demand accounts. They’re a faster way for you to interact with your cases. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do. Want to know more? Read on!

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