Fog Creek

You Can Kanban

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Kanban to the Iteration Planner in FogBugz for easier Agile planning and project management.

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Make Better Software Magazine

Make Better Software magazine is a collection of the best stories and in-depth advice from expert developers about software engineering, hiring developers, and technical leadership.

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How To: Configure a Custom Domain for Glitch Projects

While you wait for us to add proper custom domain support to Glitch, here’s a workaround using CloudFront and Route 53.

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The HyperDev Tech Stack

For those interested to know more about what’s happening under the hood of HyperDev, here it is: The HyperDev Tech Stack

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YOLO, So Don’t Just Code Solo*

The merits of coding together, and why we built collaborative editing in Gomix.

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New on HyperDev: Import and Export To and From GitHub

You can now import and export code between GitHub and HyperDev

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Show and Tell: Cool Projects Made with HyperDev

We share some of our personal favorite creations that have been made with HyperDev.

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‘Get Into Nature’ HyperDev Developer Challenge Results

We announce the winner of our ‘Get Into Nature’ dev challenge.

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Convenience Coding

What 2-in-1 laundry pods and Gomix have in common.

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From Creek Week To Final Product: A Tale of Two Projects

We run through a couple of example Creek Week projects so you can see how they progress to become a real product.

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