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New on HyperDev: Import and Export To and From GitHub

From the get go with HyperDev, we’ve received a ton of requests asking for the ability to get your code from GitHub. So we’re pleased to tell you that you can now import and export code from GitHub into and out of HyperDev.

Import and Export Your Code

From the HyperDev editor, select ‘Advanced Options’ from the top-left project info menu. From there you can either import or export to/from GitHub.

If you choose to ‘import’ then you’ll be prompted for the GitHub organization and repository name that you want to bring into HyperDev. It’ll then load the master branch into whatever project you currently have open in HyperDev. If you don’t want to overwrite your current project, then just create a new project first and import afterward.

For export, again you’ll be asked to fill in your org and repo and it’ll force push to the ‘hyperdev’ branch of the repo you specify. You could then open a pull request and merge it through the GitHub interface if you want to.

Note that it may ask you to re-auth through GitHub in order to elevate your permissions.

Import URLs

You can now also create an import URL to automatically create a new HyperDev project and import your current master branch repo code into it. This is perfect for those who maintain projects on GitHub and want to provide their users with the ability to easily play about with the code.

Import URLs are in the format: [js]!/import/github/OrgName/RepoName[/js]
So, for example:!/import/github/reactjs/react-tutorial.

You can use our lil’ URL generation tool, to get the URL, HTML or Markdown code to embed on your site, GitHub page, or to share with your users.

In the future, we plan to extend this functionality by letting you specify the branches it imports/exports to, and to automatically sync between GitHub and HyperDev. But for now, it’s manual and zero-config. Let us know your thoughts and feedback on the forum.


Repos with a large number of files or those with large assets in, can take a few minutes to copy over and there’s currently no progress indicator.