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Meet the Interns

One thing I’ve always loved about Fog Creek is that it isn’t an overly serious place. Not to say we don’t take our work seriously (because, seriously: we do!) just that there’s a certain amount of silliness in the office, and it makes the day to day of being a Creeker pretty darn pleasant.

One of the few things about which we are serious, however, is recruiting. Our interview standards are high, and our methods long-tested and specific. Arguably the strongest and most lauded of those methods is our Summer Developer Internship Program.

Our Internship program is distinguished and unique. Each of our interns gets individual mentorship from one of our developers, and the opportunity to write code that will actually ship to our customers, from our HQ in New York. The perks are great, too. For the duration of their term, we set our interns up with a luxury dorm-style apartment in New York, and we take them out on adventures each week so they make the most of their time in the Big Apple – from dinners at some of New York’s best restaurants, to trips to Montauk and various Karaoke spots. Our interns get to explore the city through the eyes of people who love it here: us!

Needless to say, spots in each year’s class are highly coveted, and it isn’t easy to secure one! Over the course of a typical intern recruiting season, we receive between 500 – 600 resumes, from which we phone screen between 150 – 200 candidates, conduct roughly 25 in-person interviews and narrow it down to anywhere from 3 to 10 interns per summer class, depending on our need.

Our program is also a terrific jumping off point for young developers at the beginning of their careers. Of the 70 interns we’ve hired between the summer of 2003 (our first intern class) and the summer of 2014 (most recent hirable class), 14 have gone on to become full-time Fog Creek employees, including our current CTO. That’s 20%! From there, 4 have moved on to our sister company, Trello, and 1 is the VP of Engineering at our other sister co., Stack Exchange (Hi David!). We’ve got Creekers at other companies, too; past interns have gone on to work at places like Yelp, Facebook, Google, Khan Academy, Foursquare, Twitter, the list goes on.

Summer Internship

Have I given you enough evidence that our interns are incredible? Because they are. And you should meet the current class. Without further adieu, I present you: Fog Creek’s 2015 Intern class, Team Kudu!

Michael Stewart

michael (1)

Hi! My name is Michael Stewart and I’m from Syosset, New York. I’m a rising senior at Johns Hopkins University studying, as you might have guessed, Computer Science. In my free time, I enjoy watching more TV and movies than I would like to admit and singing in my a cappella group, Ketzev. This summer I have been working on chat integration with FogBugz.

Greg Weil

greg (1)

Hi! My name is Greg Weil, and I’m from Middletown, NJ. This summer I’m working with Tim to add importers and other useful tools to FogBugz. At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, I dual major Computer Science with Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences. In my spare time, I like to make games featuring explosions.

Steven Lyubomirsky

Stephen (1)

I assure the skeptics that I am indeed the same person as the intern from last year by the same name and that it is not, in fact, purely coincidental that I am also a member of the Princeton class of 2016 and look strikingly similar, unless I have a doppelgänger in my class whom I have not met. It could also be the case that I am an elaborate android with implanted memories so convincing that it has never occurred to me for a moment that the real Steven Lyubomirsky might be in indefinite cryostasis in Alaska. but I think Occam’s Razor applies. Whether human or android facsimile, I will be assisting this summer with Project Foghorn.

Hurray for our interns!

Wanna learn more about the Fog Creek Developer Internship? Recruitment for Summer 2016 begins this September!