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LR Senergy on Making the Switch from FogBugz for Your Server to FogBugz Ocelot

LR Senergy is an integrated exploration, production and energy services consultancy. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, they have a staff of more than 600 spread around the world, including 50 developers. We spoke to Tim Martin, ODM Production Manager, about their experience of switching from FogBugz for Your Server to FogBugz Ocelot.


Using For Your Server

LR Senergy is a long-time FogBugz customer, and Tim said their experience of using For Your Server “was generally good” with FogBugz being used by both their “devs and support staff”. “We’ve got a lot of support people that don’t do any coding so they’re not technical in that sense” but “we’ve never had any issues with people using the interface, so we can use the bug tracking system and everything else with minimum training. It just works, which is quite nice”.

But they decided to move to On Demand and FogBugz Ocelot. There were “two main drivers” – “we had entered into an agreement with another organization which required sharing code with that organization and it was a lot easier to do that with On Demand” and “we were keen to get access to some of the latest updates.” But they had concerns about moving away from their self-hosted system. “Performance was quite important to us, but equally, the reliability of the system was important to us. We rely very heavily on Version Control to the point that if we lose it, we have 50 developers sitting and twiddling their thumbs waiting for it to come back”. But “we had a good relationship with Fog Creek. We find support to be very responsive and interested in what we’re trying to do, and how we’re trying to work. So we had some confidence that we would get a good level of service and response.”

Moving to On Demand

The trust they placed in Fog Creek was well-founded, as having now moved to On Demand using FogBugz Ocelot, “everything’s been working, we’ve had no hiccups, it’s been very smooth, which has been great. It’s been 100% uptime”. On Demand “gave us a system that is demonstratively secure and robust.” What’s more “maintenance is no longer our problem. So we don’t have to employ somebody or someone’s time to look after it.” “We’re very pleased… we’ve seen a couple of enhancements come through already, which has been appreciated” and “with the support we had from Fog Creek, there’s always plenty of rapid response to any questions we had… so I would recommend FogBugz to others.”