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Link Git and Mercurial Changesets to Trello with Kiln

If you have ever used Trello, then you know it is an awesome tool for project planning and management. We use it a lot at Fog Creek, including in the Kiln team. When we are doing work that relates to a card, we thought it would be nice if we could attach the card to a changeset in Kiln. So that is what we did. Announcing Project WolfEagle! Now you can connect Trello Cards to your Kiln Changesets.


There are two main ways to add cards to a changeset. First, you can include a card in a commit message. This can be done by adding text of the form:

card: NjWA9NN5

to your card, or you can include the full URL for a card:

Second, when viewing a changeset in Kiln, you can manually add cards to this changeset by clicking “Attach a Card”.


Of course there are some security considerations. In order to search Trello you first have to authenticate your Kiln user to your Trello account by clicking “Connect to Trello” when viewing a changeset in Kiln. If you are already logged in to both, this is as simple as pressing “Connect to Trello” and “Allow” in the subsequent Trello authorization popup.


But wait, there’s more! When you attach a card to a changeset, we create an attachment on the card pointing back to it. That way you can see that you made the change in Trello. Even better, the Trello team will let you know that the attachment points to Kiln with a lovely icon.


Now some of you might be thinking, what if I add cards to my commit message before I authenticate with Trello? In that case, we give you an option in the changeset UI to fix the Trello attachment. But we only do that once.


So that’s it. We have created a simple integration between Kiln and Trello. Our code doesn’t go back in time, so if you had some card URLs on changesets from before, you will have to associate those cards manually. But we are looking out for you from now on. So go out there and do good work with the WolfEagle, because Kiln + Trello == Awesome! If you aren’t a Kiln user already, you can start your free trial today.