Fog Creek

Just Tell Me What’s Important

Sometimes FogBugz can be as hard to use as Google. That is to say, if you want to find something specific that you already know a bit about, then it’s fairly easy. But, if you want it to tell you something subjective (like whether you should go to a movie tonight) then you won’t get reliable results. That behavior is really hard to get right, but we want to make it better in FogBugz so that it serves up the information you use most often automatically. We’re just getting started with this, but we’ve taken a couple of baby steps towards this and they’re detailed below.*

My Real Cases

The first baby step is allowing FogBugz to show you a list of cases important to you. FogBugz has always had two special built-in filters, “My Cases” and “Inbox” which you could not edit or delete. These are now no longer special snowflakes. They are just ordinary saved filters that you can modify or remove like any other. If you made yourself a “My Real Cases” filter to get around this, you can now change “My Cases” to match what is really important to you.


New Default Importance Sorting

The second baby step is giving you a new sort/orderby option where we use the data you’ve given us to make an educated guess about what is important. This is a combination of priority, due date, position on the Iteration Planner, and how often the case is edited (more details available in the help docs). We hope you can “orderby:importance” and actually get the important things on top. If you want to make something more visible to a co-worker, then do the same thing that you normally would: add a due date, increase the priority, or make comment after comment asking “when will this be done?” FogBugz will see that and bump up the importance.

Your newly-editable My Cases filter is sorted by Importance instead of Priority, so all you need to do to try it out is look at your cases. This is one of the first of a few changes coming up that we hope will give you the information you use most often, without finely tuned filters or magic incantations.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a line!

*Our ultimate goal being to make you do exactly what FogBugz tells you to, obviously (All Hail Skynet!)