Fog Creek

Iteration Planner Improvements

The Iteration Planner just got better! We’ve been working on the UI of the Iteration Planner to make it more informative and easier to use.

Card Refresh

We’ve added some more information to the cards. They now show the category of the case – whether it’s a bug, feature, email, etc. Clicking on the category icon lets you change the case’s category without leaving the page. There’s also a new icon that lets you know when a case has subcases. It displays the number of subcases, and clicking on it takes you to the outline view containing that case.


New Add Dialog

Another major improvement is the case add popup. The new popup makes it easy to add new cases, existing cases by title, and existing cases that appear in a filter. Each group of cases has its own add button, so adding existing cases will change them to fit the group. For example, if your milestone is grouped by “Assigned To”, and you add an existing case to the group assigned to Yoda, then that case will be assigned to Yoda, and moved to the current milestone. To create a new case, just type the new case’s title, and hit Enter. As you type, the popup will list filters and existing cases that match the entered text. You can choose an existing case to move it to the current group, or you can select a filter to display the cases matching that filter and continue searching within the filter.


Header Links

The headers of each group of cases within a milestone are now links that will take you to the cases in that group. Click on “Yoda” while the cases are grouped by “Assigned To”, and the list page will display cases assigned to Yoda in that milestone. If you want to see all of the cases in the current milestone, you can use the link in the new milestone menu in the upper right corner of each milestone.

Filter Columns

The old search bar on the left side of the planner has been replaced by a new type of column called a filter column. These can be added to the page with the new button at the top, and you can have as many as you like open at once, and move them around like any other column on the page. You can use the drop-down at the top of the column to choose which filter it will display. This makes it easy to triage cases that fit a filter – you can discuss the case, open the case in the lightbox for more details, and then decide where it belongs in your milestones.


We hope that these tweaks will make using the planner easier and more efficient. Fire it up today and begin planning something revolutionary. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.