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How to Share Your Trello Board, But Not Your Secrets

We really liked seeing this post on how WooThemes uses Trello. We love it when people show their Trello boards. However, the screenshot has the text on the cards blurred out individually. That seems like a huge hassle. There had to be a better way to share screenshots without giving away the particulars of their board.

So we poked around on the internet and found this technique for blurring text with CSS. (Neat!) We tailored it for Trello and created a bookmarklet that we call “Blur My Board”. [Update: Trello fan Lorin Halpert rescued this bookmarklet when it broke and moved it to GitHub.]

Check out the bookmarklet here!

Need an example? Here’s an unaltered screen shot of the Trello dev board:


Click the “Blur My Board” bookmarklet and here’s what it looks like afterward:


Now snap a screenshot. Refresh the page and everything goes back to normal.

If only there were some aphorism we could use that would capture the concept that images convey more information than text. Oh well, we hope you enjoy the bookmarklet at least.

If you want to show us your board, get your bookmarklet here, and after you’ve blurred it, put it online somewhere and tweet us about it @trello!