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How to Hire the Smartest Developers – Video Guide

It’s no secret that hiring Developers is hard. Hiring great Developers is even harder. So it’s not surprising that companies are going to great lengths to attract the top talent, and competition is fierce.

But attracting talent is only half the battle. It’s difficult to make the right hiring decisions too. Of up most importance is a hiring process that allows you to spot the best candidates amongst your applicants. To help you, we’ve created a video series that takes you through the key steps in hiring the smartest programmers.

Covering everything from résumé screening to interviews and making the final hiring decision, these six short videos provide some helpful tips on how to hire the best engineering talent. It’s a process that has worked well for us and has contributed to us creating some great products that people love.

Check out the full video series, or learn more about each video below:

1. Why Hire the Smartest Programmers?

Learn how hiring the best programmers benefits the whole team and how they can make 10x the difference.

2. Résumé Screening

Find out why you should look out for ‘PBECS’ in all candidates and see some good and bad résumé examples.

3. Phone Interviews

This video covers the key aspects of a phone interview and the kinds of questions that work well in phone interviews.

4. Remote Code Tests

Learn about the scenarios that work in remote code tests and what to look out for in the best candidates.

5. In-person Interviews

This video covers examples of good interview questions, the importance of question consistency and just how many interviews you should run.

6. Hire or No Hire?

When it comes to making the hiring decision, hear why we think there should be no Ifs, Buts or Maybes.