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How To: Configure a Custom Domain for Glitch Projects

For now, every project on Glitch has an auto-generated sub-domain name that you can view from our domain. We realize that you’d like to not only be able to set your own project names, but also use your own domain names. We plan to add those features, but for now, we have a workaround that we hope will suffice for some of you. It’s a little fiddly, but we’re going to share some example settings that you can use in CloudFront and Route 53 to serve a Glitch project from a custom domain name. In our example settings we’re serving the Glitch project, flicker-swoop, from the custom domain,

What You’ll Need

  • Your Glitch project URL
  • Your own custom domain
  • A free AWS account

How It Works

Replace your own Glitch project URL and custom domain name wherever you see ‘’ and ‘’ respectively, in the details provided below, on your own CloudFront and Route 53 settings screens. Note that you can click on the settings image to see a larger version.

Phase 1: Origin Settings in CloudFront


Phase 2: Default Cache Behavior Settings in CloudFront


Phase 3: Distribution Settings in CloudFront


Phase 4: Add the Route 53 Record Set


Wrap Up

And that should be it. It’s possible to adjust some of the settings to your preference, but that’s a working setup. We do plan to add CNAME support and the ability to set your own project names soon. But in the meantime, this is an option that you can use today to be able to use your own custom domain name with Glitch.

You can see example projects on our Community Projects page. And if you get stuck, let us know on the forum and we can help you out.