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How ROLI’s Fast-Growing Team Communicate and Stay Transparent with FogBugz Ocelot

ROLI is a design-led music technology start-up, who make innovative hardware and software products and are based in London, UK.

We spoke to Elliot, a Software Tester and Scrum Master at ROLI, about their use of FogBugz Ocelot and how it has helped their fast growing team to communicate and stay transparent, whilst delivering great customer service.


The Problem

“In the last year, we’ve grown significantly. When I started here 12 months ago there were 25 people. Now we’re up to 70 people. Before, it was much easier to communicate with a simple conversation or an email, but as we scaled up it became harder to keep that dynamic communication and transparency with the same tools.”

The Solution

So they started using FogBugz Ocelot. It “definitely started out as a solution to capture customer information, track support issues, inquiries, and so we could easily pass those inquiries to other teams. Being the Scrum Master for the software team as well, I suggested we try it for project development and use it in an Agile way.”

The Result

Using FogBugz has worked out well for ROLI. “People have picked it up quickly, and taken it onboard with little friction. It’s been good.” An increasing number of people within ROLI have started using it too. At this “larger scale, it shows its full potential and benefit.” “I’ve also started looking into the API” and “I like the Wiki a lot.” ROLI “put information in the Wiki for each iteration” along with their “vision documents.”

Overall Elliot says that FogBugz “has a lot of flexibility”, so whilst “there are a lot of solutions out there for software bug tracking, the problem is being able to relate customer inquiries to those issues and then also being able to have something for tracking hardware issues as well.” With FogBugz “it doesn’t matter what it is, it can be can be anything… it does everything we need it to do at the moment and I can still see the potential for more.”