Fog Creek

Google OAuth and Single Sign On for FogBugz

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added two new authentication options for FogBugz!

Google OAuth

Google Auth

FogBugz accounts can enable Google OAuth to make login and sign-up quick and easy for users with Google accounts. To enable Google Authentication for your account, visit Settings > Site Configuration and click “Authentication”. You can choose to require Google OAuth Authentication for all of your users or to allow your users to choose between Google OAuth and username/password authentication. When enabled, any user can log in using Google if their Google account email address matches their FogBugz email address.

Single Sign On with SAML 2.0

If you’re already managing the rest of your authentication through a SAML 2.0 provider, you can now use your identity provider for FogBugz login. Also at Settings > Site Configuration, choose SAML Authentication to configure FogBugz with your Identity Provider URL and Public x509 Signing Certificate.

Visit our knowledge base for more information about configuring SAML and Google OAuth.