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We believe that behind the best products are great development teams. We do what we can to help software teams by providing them with great tools, but we also try and share advice too. Either from our own experiences, or those of others as part of our interviews and Make Better Software podcast.

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Today we’re happy to publish our first edition of Make Better Software magazine. It draws on some of the best stories and in-depth advice from expert developers about software engineering, hiring developers and technical leadership. Volume 1 is 40 pages, and includes:

  • 11 Interviews
  • 3 Expert advice round-ups
  • 3 Bonus sections of tips from Fog Creek staff
  • Foreword by Joel Spolsky

It’s available to all for free from today. You can grab a copy in Kindle, iPad, and PDF formats, as well as a limited-edition physical magazine.

Sound interesting? Download your digital copy now, and be in with a chance of getting a physical one. Happy reading!