Fog Creek

FogBugz On Site – Project Tracking on Your Own Server

We’re pleased to announce that FogBugz On Site is now available. On Site is our new, self-hosted version of FogBugz. It contains all the latest functionality from our Cloud-hosted version, FogBugz On Demand, but it’s available on your own server.

This means that everyone, regardless of whether you want to run FogBugz in the Cloud or On-Premises, can now access the full power of FogBugz. This includes all the recent updates we’ve made, such as:

Not to mention, Webhooks support, GitHub and Trello integration, and enhanced security features. And it all comes with our new UI. It’s a great option for those new to FogBugz, as well those on older versions who aren’t able to make the switch to On Demand.

For those interested in learning more about FogBugz On Site, check out details about migration, pricing and when you’re ready, get in touch.