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FogBugz Ocelot means Brain Bytes Creative can just Focus on their Business

Atlanta-based, Brain Bytes Creative are a digital marketing agency specializing in web design, app development, SEO, and paid search. They’ve been using FogBugz since February 2015, but James Tharpe, their CTO, is a long-time FogBugz user having implemented FogBugz at three other companies, who are all still using it. We spoke to James about how having spent too much time configuring another product, they made the switch to FogBugz so they could just focus on their core business.


The Problem

The problem for Brain Bytes was that they simply didn’t want to spend all their time configuring and customizing a tool. “We’re a small company simply trying to get work done. We had this Atlassian agile product that we felt like was in a state of continuous configuration – it was just never finally configured. We realized we were spending more time configuring the product than getting actual work done. We also didn’t have, nor wanted, a full-time employee to manage the product’s configuration”.

The Solution

“We needed something to easily track our work with little effort. We needed something that worked out-of-the-box, helped us get stuff done, and could be flexible across our teams’ disciplines (i.e. “departments”)”. So they moved over to FogBugz. “The great thing about FogBugz is how easy and fast it is to enter data, which is especially useful in meetings. With all this information in there, we rely on FogBugz permissions to help us stay organized and declutter the data other employees can see. Evidence Based Scheduling and Time Tracking allows us to quickly see all the work we have to do, when it might be done, and what the blockers are.”

The Result

“Switching to FogBugz has been great. FogBugz has helped us to get work done and let us focus on our business. The ability to quickly and easily add cases, add additional permissions, and leverage Evidence Based Scheduling has been such an improvement to the work at Brain Bytes Creative. The whole company uses it… we’ve been able to organize FogBugz for our internal work, our clients’ work and even our accounting – our entire business is run through FogBugz.” But best of all James says, “it helps us keep honest with ourselves, and communicate realistic deliverable dates.”

Switching to FogBugz Ocelot

Having used FogBugz elsewhere before Ocelot was released, James says that “the performance upgrade is so fast, and the UI looks great. At first I thought some features were missing, but I found out through the super nice Support team at Fog Creek, that a few items had just been moved around and were improved. I’d definitely recommend FogBugz to anyone, it’s been so great for us!”