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FogBugz and Trello now integrate with new Power-up

Finally! You’ve been asking for it for a long time, and we’ve long wanted to deliver it. The wait is now over – FogBugz integrates with Trello.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 09.49.37

Following the launch of the new Power-ups Platform for Trello Business Class, you can now pull info from many third-party tools into Trello. This enables you to see important details from those tools directly on your Trello boards.

See the Status of FogBugz Cases in Trello

For FogBugz, our Trello Power-up allows you to search for, and add, FogBugz cases directly into Trello cards. Or, just drag and drop a link to a case onto a card. Added cases then get called out and are listed at the top of the card and you can see the case number, title, amount of time remaining or status, assignee, and time of the last edit for each one. You can also click through directly to a specific case from the card.

This means you can now use Trello and FogBugz together. For example, if you have a card for each Project on a board in Trello, you are now able to see a FogBugz case for each task that’s part of that project and the status of them all at a glance.

There’s More To Come

And, we’re not done there. Despite all those cute and cuddly puppy dog images, the Trello folk are some hard task-masters! We still have lots more planned for our integration, which we’ll be adding to over the coming weeks, so watch this space.

For now, check out our help docs which tell you how to get things linked up.