Fog Creek

Fog Creek’s Help Desk Gets a New Look

Howdy, FogBugz and Kiln users! For the past five or so years, we’ve posted documentation, helped answer questions, fielded feature requests, and collected mad rep with you on the FogBugz and Kiln Stack Exchanges.


While the two sites have been incredibly useful — both for supporting our products and as dogfooding grounds for Stack Exchange — it’s come time to say goodnight to these faithful sites and move on to something new.

Why, you might ask? We’ve been brainstorming ideas for a more effective support site for some time now, but things came to a head when the Stack servers running our [extremely old] sites were slated for decommissioning at the end of the summer. Once we learned this we immediately started crawling the two sites for useful content, and saved a full HTML archive of all posts (>15k, at last count) for reference down the line.

Armed with years-worth of valuable questions, answers, and general knowledge from both users and Fog Creek staff alike, we set out to create the Fog Creek support site of the future. We painstakingly imported valuable content, deleted some sad Spam posts related to male body-part enhancement, and began a general cleanup of our documentation (which we’ll continue in the coming months).

Without further ado, please meet the brand spankin’ new Fog Creek Help Desk!


You can search the entire knowledge base here, or browse FogBugz or Kiln articles and categories individually. As we make the transition, things might be a little rough around the edges; we’ve done our best to make sure that valuable content from the Stack sites has been ported over and updated accordingly, but don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you find that something is missing or outdated. Our goal with this site is to make *your* lives easier, and we want to know if it’s not getting the job done.

Check out the about page for more information on the new site, and let us know what you think!