Fog Creek

Ending Your Remote Meetings with Style & Panache

New media take a while to develop their own conventions. Alexander Graham Bell suggested “Ahoy” as the standard telephone greeting before English speakers settled on “Hello.”

As Fog Creek has gone from a single location to a worldwide remote team, we’ve shifted our meetings mostly to Google Hangout. If you do a lot of these meetings, you might notice that it’s often awkward to end them. There’s the “ok, that’s it,” then, “bye, talk to you later”, followed by fumbling for the close button and hoping nobody had just one more thing to add.

Nobody walks away feeling awesome.

Well, forget all that. Here’s how the FogBugz team ends their stand-ups:

Features: unanimous agreement that the meeting is over, a point after which additional talking is moot, plus the bonus of getting to feel for one moment like a Power Ranger.