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End-to-end Test Management with FogBugz and PractiTest

A true QA solution is one that covers everything from requirements to release and everything in between. While there are various end-to-end Test Management platforms out there, when the time comes to choose one, chances are you are already using some sort of bug tracker, issue reporting or automation tool. So then, what you are really looking for is a Test Management solution that will integrate well with your existing tools and make this process seamless. FogBugz’ integration with PractiTest enables this.

This is a guest blog post by Noa Segol, a Marketing Manager at PractiTest.

PractiTest is a flexible Test Management solution designed to help manage your information and communicate your testing outcomes to all relevant stakeholders for a speedy and successful release. It allows users to organize requirements, create and run tests, and of course, it integrates with FogBugz.


Why Use Test Management with FogBugz?

A common starting point for most QA teams is using shared Excel files to organize and manage their testing efforts. While this works initially for small teams of 2 or 3 testers, it quickly becomes insufficient once your testing scope expands or your QA team grows. If you have outgrown Excel, the best way to stay in control of your testing efforts, track and manage your testing status online is with designated tools.

Combining FogBugz bug tracking with PractiTest’s features for managing Requirements, Tests, Test Sets and Runs, Reports and Dashboards, gives you and your team a simple way to work with both systems, report issues and monitor project progress from start to finish.

How to use PractiTest with FogBugz

Once you have set up the integration, here are the main uses:

  • Report an issue into Fogbugz from PractiTest

    While running a Test set, you encounter a bug and click on the Fail & Issue button to report that bug directly into FogBugz. Once saved, the Test Step in PractiTest will then display the link to the issue created.

  • Link issues from Fogbugz to PractiTest Tests

    Copy the FogBugz issue ID and paste it in the relevant Test Step, by choosing the Link existing Issue in PractiTest. The linked Issue will also be displayed in the PractiTest Test library.

  • Reporting and Dashboards

    Display and share your testing status with the help of PractiTest Reports and Dashboards.

You can learn more about the PractiTest-Fogbugz integration. Be sure to check out all of the other useful integrations and tools that work with FogBugz.