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Better Agile and Sprint Planning with Iteration Planner

Available today to all with Time Tracking in FogBugz On Demand is Iteration Planner. With Iteration Planner, we’re unlocking the power of FogBugz as an Agile planning tool for software development. By mapping sprints onto the FogBugz concept of milestones you can graphically group cases into the scope of work that you’ll complete in each sprint. You can also divide the scope of your sprint into groups of cases that make sense to your workflow. You can see how much work has been done toward each of the goals of your sprint. And additionally, you can balance the allocation of resources by dragging and dropping cases from one assignee to another. These features help to make the Iteration Planner a lightweight way to plan work and manage teams using FogBugz.

Iteration Planner with two milestones created

Key Features

Drag and Drop to Update Milestones and Cases

As you move objects around the Iteration Planner you’ll see that values for parameters like assignee, title, and estimates change in your FogBugz database. Cases and milestones created in the planner will appear throughout the rest of FogBugz.

Drag and Drop

Within FogBugz, Milestones are a flexible type of container

Create milestones, for example, Backlog; Sprint x; and Doing; in order to customize the Iteration Planner for your workflow. Use the start and end dates for milestones to define your sprints.

Add a milestone using this field

Estimating cases and using Time Tracking

This combination – case estimates and time tracking – allows you to see summaries of the estimated cases and hours spent on the tasks. Time Tracking in FogBugz tells you how much time you’ve spent on each case. If you’ve also estimated the cases that compose your sprint then the summary of hours shown in the Iteration Planner will be the estimated time remaining in the individual cases or on the milestone as an aggregate of the cases. This effectively tells you what portion of the estimated time remains. (*Note: the Iteration Planner requires Time Tracking.)

You can plan iterations for each of your projects

Iteration Planner allows you to see, search and manipulate cases and milestones within each of the projects in your FogBugz instance.


Your search filters are available in the Iteration Planner search box

These filters will allow you to find cases in the planner, in the same way that you find them in the rest of FogBugz. You can also simply enter a keyword in the search field to discover cases not listed in your filters.

select through search filter

Share Your Sprint

The Iteration Planner is a unique view into your data. If you want to share that view with your colleagues, just copy and paste the URL as it appears when you’re looking at your organization of milestones and cases.


If you are running an Agile software development team, the Iteration Planner affords you a highly graphical tool for visualizing and manipulating the information you need for planning your sprints. With this tool, you’ll be able to set the direction for your team’s work and then monitor its progress toward accomplishing your organization’s business goals.

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