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Announcing HyperDev – The Developer Playground for Building Full-stack Web Apps, Fast

We’re super excited to introduce our new product, HyperDev. HyperDev is a developer playground for building full-stack web apps, fast.

It combines automated deployment, instant hosting, and collaborative editing, with the goal of getting you coding as quickly as possible.

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Why is that important? Well, as it stands, in order to create a web app you have to contend with many things other than just writing code. You have to work through the complexity of configuring servers, running shell commands, compiling files, setting up build pipelines and mastering version control systems.

We think this complexity slows us down and holds us back. The result is apps that solve real problems – or just make us smile – often don’t get written because it can be too hard to get started. The existing tools and technologies that are supposed to support us in creating web apps can be a barrier to building them.

Now, don’t get us wrong – such tools have their time and place. We just don’t think that time is right at the start when you should instead be focused on proving out an idea or testing a solution.

So, we built HyperDev to remove as many of these barriers to building as possible. Leaving you free to create web apps just by writing code.

It has been in the works for a little over a year, and we’ve been in closed beta for a few months with a few thousand developers. The response has been great, and now we’re opening things up to everyone. We’d like you to try it out and see just how quickly and easily you can build something in HyperDev.

As inspiration, here are some cool projects submitted by the community so far. And to get you going, there’s also some getting started projects that you can remix, or copy and edit, to customize to your needs.

Oh, and it’s free. So go ahead, learn more or just start coding.