Fog Creek

A New Product Name, and a New CEO

We have some news that we’ve been looking forward to telling you all for some time.


A New Name

Firstly, HyperDev is now Gomix. It’s the same, great tool that lets anybody build an app, but now with a name that’s more welcoming to all. The problem with HyperDev was that ‘Dev’ word. Not everyone wanting to create things and solve problems with code is a developer. And nor should they want or need to be.

While Gomix is the easiest way for professional developers to get their ideas in front of others, it’s not just for developers. If you’ve ever changed a formula in a spreadsheet or edited HTML for a blog post, then you can create an app using Gomix. We wanted to make that clearer from the outset.

But, we’re not done there.


After a mere 16 years, we’re pleased to announce that we have a new CEO. Anil Dash has joined us as CEO of Fog Creek Software.

Now, as long-time bloggers, both Joel and Anil are much better writers than myself, so I’ll let you read more about these exciting announcements straight from the source: