Fog Creek

Using Excel Refreshable Web Queries with FogBugz

Customers often write in asking how to get FogBugz data into Microsoft Excel.  Though we do want to provide the ability to export data from FogBugz to Excel, it's still some way off, but that doesn't prevent you from using the two products together.  Excel has a "refreshable web query" functionality that will allow you to pull data from FogBugz into Excel rather than pushing.  Here's how you do it:
  1. Bring up IE and log into FogBugz, selecting "Remember Me"
  2. Figure out your data. Bring up a list of cases that reflects what you want to report.
  3. Copy all. Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C.
  4. Open a new Excel sheet and paste.
  5. Before you do anything else, look in the lower-right corner of the screen. There should be a little clipboard icon there. Click it and select "Refreshable Web Query".
  6. A box should pop up with a mini browser window. Click the yellow arrow next to the list of cases, changing it to a green check box, and click Import.
  7. The report should come up in Excel. This will be a live report that can be refreshed to reflect the current state of the data. To freeze this report in time, select Data > Properties and uncheck all the refresh options, or Data > Connections and remove any connections you find.