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How Diamond Vogel Keep their Development Team on Track with FogBugz and Kiln

Diamond Vogel Paints is a manufacturer of paint coatings based in Orange City, IA. They operate 7 manufacturing facilities throughout the central United States and have been a Fog Creek customer for 8 years. We spoke to Brian Vander Plaats and Kit Roed, both developers at Diamond Vogel, about how they use FogBugz and Kiln together to keep their development work on track.

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August 2015 Security Incident and Response

We have confirmed that there has been unauthorized access to one of our AWS accounts and to our private, internal instance of FogBugz. After a thorough investigation, we are confident that no customer data or metadata was accessed. This post details the investigation of the incident and the new security features we’ve released today.

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New Security Features in FogBugz and Kiln

Our DevTools team have been working on adding new security features, and we’ve released three today: Two-factor Authentication, Session Management & True Delete.

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Refactoring to a Happier Development Team - Interview with Coraline Ada Ehmke

Refactoring to a Happier Development Team – Interview with Coraline Ada Ehmke

In this interview with Coraline Ada Ehmke, Lead Software Engineer at Instructure, we discuss data-driven refactoring and developer happiness teams. Coraline gives some great advice on the kinds of tests we should write for refactoring, tools to use and metrics to monitor, to make sure our refactoring is effective. We also learn about the role of refactoring in the Developer Happiness team at Instructure.

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kivy – Interview with Dusty Phillips

In, we chat with developers about their passion for programming: how they got into it, what they like to work on and how.

Today’s guest is Dusty Phillips, Software Engineer at Facebook. A long-time Arch Linux contributor, Dusty is the author of ‘Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming’ and ‘Creating Apps In Kivy’. He also wrote ‘Hacking Happy’, which explains psychological techniques through the use of programming and systems administration concepts, so that you can optimize for happiness in your work and personal life.

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Becoming the Leader Your Engineers Need - Interview with Oren Ellenbogen

Becoming the Leader Your Engineers Need – Interview with Oren Ellenbogen

In this interview with Oren Ellenbogen, author of ‘Leading Snowflakes’, we discuss development team leadership. We dive into the things great engineering managers focus on, how to ‘code review’ management decisions, keep code quality high and developers happy, as well as work effectively with other teams.

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creatingTrello (1)

The Process of Creating Trello – Tech Talk

We thought you’d be interested in hearing this Tech Talk with Justin Gallagher, a former Program Manager here at Fog Creek, now VP Product at Trello, in which he describes the process we went through in creating Trello. He covers the development of the idea and initial prototype, how the team worked within Fog Creek, the benefits of setting out a clear vision for the product and the mistakes we learned from along the way.

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Success and Failure at Fog Creek – Podcast

In this podcast, coinciding with Fog Creek’s 15th Anniversary, we take a look back over the years at the various successes and failures we’ve had at Fog Creek. With Joel Spolsky, Michael Pryor and past and present Creekers, we discuss the early days of Fog Creek and how we recovered from a doomed first product. As well as dealing with technical debt, the missed opportunities we’ve had along the way, and what we’ve learned from them.

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Fog Creek Software Turns 15!

Fog Creek Software turns 15 today. We’re celebrating this week and have created some great content that we hope you’ll find valuable. For now, we have an annotated timeline of the history of Fog Creek. Indulge us in what’s frankly a thinly veiled excuse to break out some old, embarrassing photographs! Enjoy!

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Hiring and Interviewing Developers - Interview with Kerri Miller

We’re Bad at Interviewing Developers (and How to Fix It) – Interview with Kerri Miller

In this interview with Kerri Miller, Lead Software Engineer at LivingSocial, we discuss how to hire and interview developers. We typically don’t get trained on interviewing and we’ve all experienced the haphazard approaches of those new to it – poor organization, repeated questions, fizz-buzz… Kerri tells us how to run interview days, the types of questions to ask, how else we can evaluate candidates and what to do after the interview.

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