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LR Senergy on Making the Switch from FogBugz for Your Server to FogBugz Ocelot

LR Senergy is an integrated exploration, production and energy services consultancy. Headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, they have a staff of more than 600 spread around the world, including 50 developers. We spoke to Tim Martin, ODM Production Manager, about their experience of switching from FogBugz for Your Server to FogBugz Ocelot.

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Ordinarily, in, we chat with developers about their passion for programming: how they got into it, what they like to work on and how. But this is – a special interview with Rich Armstrong, our out-going COO.

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FogBugz Ocelot means Brain Bytes Creative can just Focus on their Business

We spoke to James at Brain Bytes Creative about how having spent too much time configuring another product, they made the switch to FogBugz so they could just focus on their core business and get work done.

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Technical Hiring and Cultural Fit – Interview with Johanna Rothman

In this interview with Johanna Rothman, author of ‘Hiring Geeks that Fit’, we discuss technical hiring and the importance of cultural fit. We cover how to identify the important parts of your culture, the essential steps in technical hiring, hiring diversity, the best questions and common mistakes made by technical candidates and hiring managers.

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How ROLI’s Fast-Growing Team Communicate and Stay Transparent with FogBugz Ocelot

We spoke to Elliot, a Software Tester and Scrum Master at ROLI, about their use of FogBugz Ocelot and how it has helped their fast growing team to communicate and stay transparent, whilst delivering great customer service.

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Meet the Interns

Meet Michael, Greg and Steven – Fog Creek’s Summer Intern class for 2015.

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3 Reasons to Switch to FogBugz Ocelot

FogBugz Ocelot is the latest version of FogBugz. It’s our fastest and most powerful version yet. It comes with an updated UI, and bags of new functionality that make Ocelot that best way to use FogBugz. Here are three reasons why you should make the switch.

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cassidyBanner – Interview with Cassidy Williams

In, we chat with developers about their passion for programming: how they got into it, what they like to work on and how.

Today’s guest is Cassidy Williams, Software Engineer & Developer Evangelist at Venmo who has been named in Glamour Magazine’s ’35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry’ and in the Innotribe Power Women in FinTech Index.

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Killing Off Wasabi – Part 1

Wasabi was our own in-house .NET compiler. In this post, I’m going give you the background of Wasabi, including why we created it and what it enabled us to do, before giving you the inside scoop on why we’ve now killed it off.

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N Ways to be a Better Developer – Interview with Lorna Mitchell

In this interview with Lorna Mitchell, author of ‘N Ways To Be A Better Developer’, we cover some great tips on being a happier and more productive programmer. Including how to communicate with management, the importance of mentoring and learning new languages, improving your time management and dealing with complexity.

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