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davidMiller – Interview with David Miller

Ordinarily, in, we chat with developers about their passion for programming: how they got into it, what they like to work on and how. But this is – a special interview, introducing David Miller, our VP Product. David is now one of our new 4-person management team who leads Fog Creek.

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The Problems with Open Source (and How to Fix Them) - Interview with Justin Searls

The Problems with Open Source (and How to Fix Them) – Interview with Justin Searls

In this interview with Justin Searls, Co-Founder at Development Agency Test Double, we discuss issues in open source software and what we can do about them. Justin raises problems for both consumers and contributors – like managing hundreds of dependencies to security issues and burnt-out maintainers. We dive into the efforts being made to address these and what you can do too.

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Improved GitHub Integration – Automatically Create Bug Events with Commits

With our new Bug Event integration with GitHub, you can automatically create Bug Events in FogBugz cases when pushing commits to a GitHub repository. This means that it’s now easier to track your work on code in GitHub from within FogBugz.

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Soft Skills for Hardcore Developers - Interview with Ed Finkler

Soft Skills for Hardcore Developers – Interview with Ed Finkler

In this interview with Ed Finkler, Lead Developer and Head of Developer Culture at Graph Story, we discuss soft skills that are important for developers. We dive into how things like humility and empathy impact your effectiveness as a developer and the quality of products you produce, as well as ways to ensure you’re always learning and how you can give back to the community.

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How Peek Traffic Keeps Development Moving with FogBugz and Kiln

Peek Traffic are based in Houston, Texas, and they provide transportation management systems like Traffic Light signals in North America and beyond. They have been a Fog Creek customer for over 9 years, using both FogBugz and Kiln. We caught up with Ray Deer, CTO of Signal Group, Peek Traffic’s parent company, to find out how they use FogBugz to prioritize their workload, and get the most out of their resources.

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From Talmudic Maxims to Software Engineering Excellence - Interview with Yitzchok Willroth

From Talmudic Maxims to Software Engineering Excellence – Interview with Yitzchok Willroth

In this interview with Yitzchok Willroth, we discuss how he has applied Talmudic Maxims to improve Software Engineering practices at Grovo. We cover how by teaching others we can develop ourselves, the benefits of pair programming, how to align product and engineering teams and important metrics to focus dev teams.

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Chatterbug – Free Lightweight Issue Tracking for Teams who Live in Slack

Today we’ve launched Chatterbug, a free issue-tracking bot that runs entirely within Slack. Chatterbug provides teams with an easy way to capture ideas and feedback for their projects, as well as store notes and log issues, all whilst chatting in Slack.

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How Diamond Vogel Keep their Development Team on Track with FogBugz and Kiln

Diamond Vogel Paints is a manufacturer of paint coatings based in Orange City, IA. They operate 7 manufacturing facilities throughout the central United States and have been a Fog Creek customer for 8 years. We spoke to Brian Vander Plaats and Kit Roed, both developers at Diamond Vogel, about how they use FogBugz and Kiln together to keep their development work on track.

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August 2015 Security Incident and Response

We have confirmed that there has been unauthorized access to one of our AWS accounts and to our private, internal instance of FogBugz. After a thorough investigation, we are confident that no customer data or metadata was accessed. This post details the investigation of the incident and the new security features we’ve released today.

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New Security Features in FogBugz and Kiln

Our DevTools team have been working on adding new security features, and we’ve released three today: Two-factor Authentication, Session Management & True Delete.

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