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Old FogBugz Discussion Topics

We’ve had a recent problem with potential and current customers finding old and outdated information on our discussion boards.  One option we had was to archive the discussion board each time we have a new release (probably the best idea), but we didn’t do that unfortunately.  Our other option is to just erase all old topics from our database (not nice to Google and we don’t want people to think we’re hiding our warts). The third option is to leave the content up and figure out a way to really make sure people know the info they are about to see no longer applies to our current product (probably).  It took me about ten minutes to come up with a solution using the BugMonkey plugin, which allows you to insert arbitrary JavaScript and CSS into your FogBugz site.

You can see an example in this post about FogBugz 4.0.

You can view the code I used for the lightbox effect.

You can also download and view the javascript: sample.js (880.00 bytes)

In doing this I realized it would helpful if there was a systematic id system for text portions of the page (in this case, it was difficult for me to get the date of the topic, since I didn’t want it to be applied to current topics). Definitely something to think about in the future…