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Notifications: Love FogBugz? Now you never have to leave!

Since the dawn of time, people have been using FogBugz to effectively keep track of their projects. Armed with the power of cases and wiki pages, developers have set out to build some of the greatest software the world has ever known.  Of course, projects change, and each developer needed a system for keeping track of what was going on with the work that was relevant to them. For a long time, this was accomplished by using a system of email notifications that would alert each user whenever something important happened. Unfortunately, in order to see any meaningful information about what happened one would have to open the email, read the summary, and then click through to FogBugz; an unnecessarily clunky process. However, times they are a-changin’, and a new era of case-up-to-date-ness is being ushered in. What if FogBugz could tell you what’s happening in FogBugz from within FogBugz, instead of forcing you to switch to your email?

Introducing: FogBugz Notifications

Notifications Icon
Notifications are an addition to FogBugz that lets you keep up-to-date with what’s going on with your cases and wiki pages without ever having to leave FogBugz. There are two main components to notifications:

  • The notifications popup – this lives at the top of the page in the header, nestled between the tools menu and the user menu.
  • The full-blown “let me see them all” notifications page.

Notification Pop-ups

The notifications popup gives you concise information on each case or wiki page that you’ve been notified about, using icons to display the reason why you’re being notified. Included with these icons are the title of the case/wiki page and a short description of why you are being notified. For more information you can mouse over the case notification to see FogBugz’ existing case hover popup, or you can click through to view the full case.

All Notifications Page

The full “See all notifications” page gives you a more detailed description of each of your notifications and also gives you the ability to load additional notifications that happened further in the past. This page now gives you a single go-to place to get caught up on anything happening within FogBugz that might require your attention. You can load as many notifications as you want, giving you one page for all of your notification needs.

How are Notifications Useful?

Notifications do a great job of reducing pain when team members make changes on cases or wiki pages that you care about. Its purpose is not to tell you every detail of what’s happened. It’s to give you a short summary of why your attention might be needed and to make it extremely easy to then see the full story by navigating to the case or wiki page you’re being notified about. It also has a number of useful features for helping you keep up-to-date and manage your notifications:

    • Mark individual notifications as read/unread without navigating to the case/wiki page you’re being notified about

Mark Notifications as read

    • Mark all notifications as read at once
    • If a notification for a case has been marked as read and a new event happens on that case, instead of creating a new notification the old one bubbles up with the new information. This helps keep your notifications organized and easier to manage, especially for active cases.
    • Navigating to a case from a notification will bring you to the specific events within that case that caused you to be notified

Case Event information

  • Informative icons to help quickly determine what’s going on and why you’re being notified on a given case or wiki page

Notification Icons display the reason you receive this notification
Notifications works hand-in-hand with our newly added personal activity feeds and periodic email notifications to give you more control over your FogBugz workflow. We hope you’ll really enjoy these new features… we know we have enjoyed creating them!