Fog Creek

Linear Workflow in FogBugz

The default workflow in FogBugz is pretty simple:

  1. Assign a case to someone.
  2. When they resolve the case, it gets assigned back to you.
  3. Verify & Close the case or Reactivate it.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

You can customize the default workflow using the Workflow Plugin, which will let you change the person who gets assigned a case for a particular status. However, sometimes you want to be able to move a case between various steps, e.g.

Dev  →  QA  →  Production

We wanted to make it easier for FogBugz users to visualize this kind of linear workflow, so we wrote a simple BugMonkey script that shows you the workflow at the top of the case and gives you a button to click to go directly to the next step. Here’s a quick video walkthrough:

This is a really simple way to add workflow to your cases and shows how powerful BugMonkey can be to customize FogBugz. Get the script and add it to FogBugz via My Settings > Customizations.