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Kiln 2.2: Public Repos, Shared Files, New Navigation, Better Code Review

Kiln 2.2 is now out! The team has been sprinting since the 2.0 release, and we’re proud to introduce four new features: public repositories, subrepository support, streamlined history navigation, and improved code reviews.

Kiln’s growth has been incredible since its launch just over a year ago. We hope the new additions will make managing your team’s code even smoother, helping you spend more time coding and less time administering all of that awesome code.

Public Repositories


Most noticeably, we’ve added support for public repositories. We hope these prove to be an amazing resource for open-source projects and for companies sharing development libraries, APIs, and other code. Benjamin describes more of our thinking behind public repos in his earlier blog post.

Subrepositories and common and shared files

You can now fully browse subrepositories from the file view of the repository that they are included in. You can also see common and shared files and subrepositories, which makes updates to libraries much easier to manage.

Named branch browsing and tagged navigation

Kiln’s search capability is a lifesaver, but we’ve also added two improvements to history browsing to find certain changesets:

First, with named branches, you can filter to just changesets on one particular named branch.


Second, to find a particular spot within a version history and visualize what was included in the release and what came after, the new “tags” drop-down menu lets you highlight the included changesets and jump straight to the tagged update in the electrified DAG.


Code review improvements

We’ve done a ton of work to revamp code reviews. The two changes that you’ll likely notice the most are threaded comments, which help you give feedback clearly to specific parts of a review, and code snippets, which let you add formatted code inside your comments.


Questions? Comments? Want to see what other tricks Kiln can now do? Find the full documentation and 2.2 release notes on the Kiln Knowledge Exchange.

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