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Friday’s Linkparty: What we’re reading

Hey, we’re going to try an experiment for a while. We read tech and software stuff here all day. In fact, I sometimes think we don’t read anything else unless it’s the lolcats blog. We’ve decided each Friday to put a short list of links up to some of the interesting stuff that we’ve been reading, and that we think you, the legions of Fog Creek blog readers, might like to read as well.

So without any additional ceremony, here we go:

How Hubspot plans for innovation: A short primer on how Hubspot tries to make an environment that leads to innovative new products. We’ve done something similar at Fog Creek which has led to Kiln, and to another product coming soon (in just a couple of weeks, actually).

37 signals on A/B testing: We’ve become big fans of A/B testing here. BIG. A/B testing will surprise you. You should be doing it a lot. Read about what 37signals learned.

Peldi on startups: This is from last year’s Business of Software conference, but a video and transcript just went up today. Peldi sounds like the name of a soccer superstar, but he’s, in fact, a very entertaining startup founder.

PyPy is faster than C: The title speaks for itself!

Tagged pointers: How Lion implements tagged pointers for better memory usage.