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Friday’s Linkparty: What we’re reading

Some of the stuff we’ve been reading lately.

The suburb that changed the world: Once upon a time, living in Palo Alto was regarded as a sign of selling out, and of failure. But, as the article says, the two poles of 60’s SF culture–hippies and leftist revolutionaries–became the poles of the early Valley software culture. “We code and scheme through the night, and then genuinely change the whole world within a few short years, over and over again. What other bunch of oddballs can say that?”

Chicago 311 fielded 4 million calls last year: This short blog post links to two interesting software projects designed to improve citizen access to government. The Open311 project and the Civic Commons project.

Lessons from a well-known CEO: Umair Haque collects some of the advice of Steve (I call him Steve). “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugar water — or do you want to change the world?”

Hilary Mason of asks what you’ve read that changed the way you think: Always nice to get book suggestions from interesting people!

What’s wrong with sort and how to fix it: How to get sort sorted out.

F-Secure goes hunting for files: How RSA was hacked with an email