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FogBugz On Demand Performance Upgrade

Some months ago we launched a beta for an upcoming infrastructure upgrade of FogBugz On Demand. The response we received was great! Hundreds of you—our awesome customers—signed up to kick the tires on a shiny, new, kiwi-riding-an-ocelot fast FogBugz On Demand service.

When we first launched the beta there were a number of core features that hadn’t been finished just yet: custom fields, the working on menu, quick case add on the list page, etc. We can happily report that all of those features (and more!) have now been implemented! As a result, the beta is now closed and we’ve started rolling out the FogBugz On Demand Performance Upgrade (née “Project Ocelot”) to large swaths of our customers over the past few weeks. Thousands of you in fact.

How can I tell if I have the new hotness?

If you created your FogBugz On Demand account after August 5th, 2013 you’ve been using it the whole time! If not, have you seen this cheery little “Welcome to fast” dialog after logging into your FogBugz On Demand account?

"Welcome to Fast!" dialog from the FogBugz On Demand Performance Upgrade

If you haven’t, your account hasn’t been enrolled in the performance upgrade yet. We’re currently selectively enrolling customers that are an ideal fit given the features that have currently been completed in the new interface. Want to sneak a peek? Let us know your FogBugz On Demand account info and we can enable “the switcher” for you—a toggle for enabling and disabling the Performance Upgrade that lives on your user options page within FogBugz.

If the beta is closed, why haven’t you enrolled everyone?

Just because we’ve completed the beta, doesn’t mean the FogBugz team is off on a sandy beach somewhere sipping Kiwi Koolattas. We’re busy adding more features, porting top-used plugins, and fixing the bugs you’ve been reporting to us about the new, faster FogBugz On Demand and releasing juicy updates every week. Keep the feedback coming!

There are still plenty of things left for us to implement in the new interface. Currently only the list, case, and search pages have been super-charged and there are a number of existing features that haven’t been updated to work with the new interface just yet. In the coming months as we knock more items off our super-fast FogBugz-powered to-do list, we’ll be enrolling more and more accounts.

What makes the Performance Upgrade so fancy? Why’d it take so long? What’s the secret sauce?

Easy there, Captain Questions! We—the FogBugz team—are also planning to write up a bunch of juicy blog posts telling not only the history of “Project Ocelot,” but also describing various parts of the underlying tech that power it. Hybrid modes, generated code, escape hatches, client-side MVC, elasticsearch, JSON APIs, and more!

A huge “Thank you!” again, to all of our faithful beta testers and a warm “Welcome to Fast!” for those of you whose accounts have already been enrolled in the FogBugz On Demand Performance Upgrade. We hope you like it!