March 15th, 2011 by Philipp Tsipman

FogBugz GitHub Integration

GitHub LogoHas your version control gone distributed?  Do you now have GitHub hosting your code?  GitHub integrates directly with FogBugz, and it takes just a few minutes to link the two up!

Here are the steps.

(Many thanks to David Kennedy for kindly putting these together.) To get FogBugz 8 On Demand talking to a private GitHub repository:

A. Configure FogBugz

  1. Go to ‘Admin’ -> ‘Source Control’, and add a generic repository.
  2. Give it a name like ‘GitHub – [repo name]’.
  3. Note the ‘ixRepository’ number on the ‘Redownload Scripts’ URI.
  4. Set the ‘Diff URL’ to:[company]/[repo]/commit/^R2
  5. Set the ‘Log URL’ to:[company]/[repo]/commits/^FILE

To be clear, if your repo displays as ‘/fooinc/foo’ in GitHub then [company] should be ‘fooinc’ and [repo] ‘foo’ in the examples above.

B. Configure GitHub

  1. Click on your repository.
  2. Go to ‘Admin’ -> ‘Service Hooks’ -> ‘FogBugz’
  3. Set the ‘Cvssubmit Url’ to (note the https):https://[company]
  4. Set the ‘Fb Version’ to ‘7.0’
  5. Set the ‘Fb Repoid’ to the value of the ‘ixRepository’ from step 1.3
  6. Tick the ‘Active’ checkbox.

During a git commit, you can provide a comment of the form: “See bugzid:123. Brief summary of the fix. Longer explanation.”

Enjoy it!  Happy coding.