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FogBugz GitHub Integration

GitHub LogoHas your version control gone distributed?  Do you now have GitHub hosting your code?  GitHub integrates directly with FogBugz, and it takes just a few minutes to link the two up!

Here are the steps.

(Many thanks to David Kennedy for kindly putting these together.) To get FogBugz 8 On Demand talking to a private GitHub repository:

A. Configure FogBugz

  1. Go to ‘Admin’ -> ‘Source Control’, and add a generic repository.
  2. Give it a name like ‘GitHub – [repo name]’.
  3. Note the ‘ixRepository’ number on the ‘Redownload Scripts’ URI.
  4. Set the ‘Diff URL’ to:[company]/[repo]/commit/^R2
  5. Set the ‘Log URL’ to:[company]/[repo]/commits/^FILE

To be clear, if your repo displays as ‘/fooinc/foo’ in GitHub then [company] should be ‘fooinc’ and [repo] ‘foo’ in the examples above.

B. Configure GitHub

  1. Click on your repository.
  2. Go to ‘Admin’ -> ‘Service Hooks’ -> ‘FogBugz’
  3. Set the ‘Cvssubmit Url’ to (note the https):https://[company]
  4. Set the ‘Fb Version’ to ‘7.0’
  5. Set the ‘Fb Repoid’ to the value of the ‘ixRepository’ from step 1.3
  6. Tick the ‘Active’ checkbox.

During a git commit, you can provide a comment of the form: “See bugzid:123. Brief summary of the fix. Longer explanation.”

Enjoy it!  Happy coding.