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Announcing BugMonkey 2.0

FogBugz 8.2 includes a brand new version of the BugMonkey plugin.

What is it?  Basically, BugMonkey lets users insert a little bit of client-side code and styling onto their FogBugz account.


Why is this useful?  Well, it turns out that it’s very hard to make software that works exactly the way every single user wants it to work.

As a (silly) example, 98% of our users may be happy with the fact that the background of our application is white.  But there are a few that really wish that the background was black (less eye strain!).

With most software, including traditionally our own, the black-background folks and the Support Team would have to go through a process like this:

  1. A user suggests that we make the background of FogBugz black.  (It’s not that hard!  It’s like 1 line of CSS!)
  2. We review the suggestion, but realizing this change will confuse all of our other users, decide not to implement it
  3. The user says, “hmmm”, and suggests we at least add an option to make the background black
  4. We study it some more and decide that adding an option for something that only a small number of users will want would add interface clutter that results in a worse experience for most of our users, so we again decline to implement it
  5. The user is disappointed, and we haven’t done all we could to make them happier and their lives easy-as-pie.

BugMonkey lets us not worry–and make each one of our users ridiculously happy–in the following way:

  1. User suggests that we make the background of FogBugz black.  (It’s not that hard!  It’s like 1 line of CSS!)
  2. We respond: “You’re right!  You can now make your FogBugz black using the BugMonkey plugin, just by adding this 1 line of CSS!”
  3. All right.  Our user is happy and the FogBugz platform stays clean and simple.

So what does BugMonkey 2.0 bring?

  • Instead of having a single block of script/CSS that can be added to your site, you can have many individual customizations
  • Administrators can configure the plugin to allow normal users to author personal customizations
  • Administrators can create customizations that are available to, or required for certain user groups or individuals

You can find BugMonkey 2.0 in our plugins gallery, and a variety of scripts that users have come up with on the FogBugz Knowledge Exchange (here and here). If you’re a FogBugz administrator, activate the plugin in FogBugz via the top-right Admin/Plugins menu.  If you’re a non-admin FogBugz user, get your administrator to activate it and customize your FogBugz to your heart’s desire!