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Glitch is about Love!

On Valentine’s Day, or any day, a great way to show off your creativity in the Glitch community is by trying out (or remixing your own!) projects that are about showing love to the people in your life.

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Manuscript screenshots

From FogBugz to Manuscript: Design Evolution for Better User Experience

How we’ve evolved the design from FogBugz to Manuscript to improve user experience and lay the groundwork for our future plans.

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Manuscript Integrations: Intelligent connections to the tools you use, powered by Glitch

Announcing new Manuscript integrations for Slack, Twitter and Google Docs, and our all-new integration experience that’s powered by Glitch.

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Taking FogBugz Forward

We have big plans for FogBugz based on feedback from users about how you would like to see the platform evolve.

Read more about how FogBugz will be taking a big leap forward for the new era of software development.

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Cross-Project Planning for Iteration Planner and Kanban

With the new cross-project planning capabilities in Iteration Planner and Kanban, you can keep track of cases in multiple projects at once.

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Congratulations, Trello!

So, the news is out: Trello is now part of Atlassian! Read what our CEO, Anil Dash, had to say about the news.

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Why You Can’t Trust Your Own Memory – Tech Talk

In this Tech Talk, Nancy Hawa, Support Team Lead here at Fog Creek, explains why you can’t trust your own memory. Giving us to pause to reflect upon our decision making and why we really do the things we choose to do.

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A New Product Name, and a New CEO

We have some news that we’ve been looking forward to telling you all for some time…

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Scaling Servant Leadership – Tech Talk

In this Tech Talk, Jude Allred, CTO here at Fog Creek, explains the methods he uses to scale Servant Leadership and techniques you can employ to successfully apply servant leadership across multiple teams and departments.

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How We Use FogBugz for Recruiting

We use FogBugz as an Application Tracking System (ATS) for all our recruiting. We’ve used FogBugz in this fashion for as long as our company’s been in business (some 16 years and counting!), and it works really well. So we’ve outlined the process so you can replicate it within your own company.

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