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Scaling Servant Leadership – Tech Talk

In this Tech Talk, Jude Allred, CTO here at Fog Creek, explains the methods he uses to scale Servant Leadership and techniques you can employ to successfully apply servant leadership across multiple teams and departments.

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How We Use FogBugz for Recruiting

We use FogBugz as an Application Tracking System (ATS) for all our recruiting. We’ve used FogBugz in this fashion for as long as our company’s been in business (some 16 years and counting!), and it works really well. So we’ve outlined the process so you can replicate it within your own company.

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Rethinking Intelligence

In this Tech Talk, Nancy Hawa, Support Team Lead here at Fog Creek, explains why we need to rethink our attitudes towards intelligence.

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End-to-end Test Management with FogBugz and PractiTest

Here’s how you can combine FogBugz with PractiTest for managing Requirements, Tests, Test Sets and Runs, to report issues and monitor project progress from start to finish.

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Google OAuth and Single Sign On for FogBugz

We’ve added two new authentication options for FogBugz: Google OAuth and SAML

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You Can Kanban

We’re pleased to announce the addition of Kanban to the Iteration Planner in FogBugz for easier Agile planning and project management.

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Make Better Software Magazine

Make Better Software magazine is a collection of the best stories and in-depth advice from expert developers about software engineering, hiring developers, and technical leadership.

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How To: Configure a Custom Domain for HyperDev Projects

While you wait for us to add proper custom domain support to HyperDev, here’s a workaround using CloudFront and Route 53.

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The HyperDev Tech Stack

For those interested to know more about what’s happening under the hood of HyperDev, here it is: The HyperDev Tech Stack

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YOLO, So Don’t Just Code Solo*

The merits of coding together, and why we built collaborative editing in HyperDev.

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